Information for staff on how to use the EUCLID system.

EUCLID Staff Information

Information for staff on using EUCLID.

Accessing an Applicant Record

Accessing an Applicant Record via the Admission Screens [PGR]

Accessing a Student Record

Accessing a Student Record via the Hub [UG, PGT and PGR]

Online Course Enrolment

Online Course Enrolment (OCE) gives Personal Tutors the opportunity to validate all student course registrations against the Degree Programme Table.

Reporting a Change to the Student Record

Instructions on reporting a change to a student record [UG, PGT and PGR].

Wildcards and Retrieval Information

EUCLID Wildcards and Retrieval Information

Programme Codes

EUCLID Codes for Informatics Programmes

User Guide for notes/meetings PT software (EUCLID) - Staff

User Guide for notes/meetings PT software (EUCLID) - Students