Reporting a Change to the Student Record

Instructions on reporting a change to a student record [UG, PGT and PGR].

All changes to the student record must be submitted to Registry via the following EASE authenticated web form [we recommend that you bookmark this].

This form is linked from individual student records in the Student Hub in EUCLID (on the Programme tab) however it's worth noting that this form is not part of EUCLID and will still function even if EUCLID is unavailable.  This form will be submitted in the form of an email to Registry, and queued to be keyed into EUCLID.  It is essential that you copy this form to or (dependant on the type of student registration you are dealing with) to help ISS track any outstanding requests.  For UG and PGT students, this will also help ensure that student course registrations are validating against the correct programme. Unfortunately the form relies on "additional information" in order to fully implement the changes required, for example: When a student changes programme from another school, you should enter the new programme in the form.  In the additional information field the following should be added:

  • Change School to Informatics (requesting a change of programme will not automatically change the School the student belongs to. If the student does not belong to the School, the ITO cannot edit their student record.)
  • The student's course enrolments are to be cancelled and re-enrolled (this has to be requested, otherwise the old programme will block validation on the new programme).
We have been tracking the turnaround of these requests during the past few weeks and now realise that it might take up to 3 weeks for a change request to appear on the student record.  This will present us all with a number of difficulties, please therefore keep in touch with ITO and IGS staff where necessary.