Programme Codes

EUCLID Codes for Informatics Programmes

Common UG Codes:

UTCMPMA - Computer Science and Mathematics (BSc)

UTCMPMS - Computer Science and Management Science (BSc)

UTCMPPH - Computer Science and Physics (BSc)

UTCMPPI - Computer Science and Philosophy (MA)

UTCMPSE - Computer Science and Electronics (BEng)

UTCMPSI - Computer Science (BSc)

UTCMPWM - Computer Science with Management (BEng)

UTCOGSCBS - Cognitive Science (BSc)

UTCOGSC - Cognitive Science (MA)

UTCOPLI - Computational Linguistics (BSc)

UTINFMT - Informatics (MInf)

UTSWENG - Software Engineering (BEng)

UTSWENM - Software Engineering with Management (BEng)

UTAICSC - Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science (BSc)

UTAIMAT - Artificial Intelligence and Mathematics (BSc)

UTAIMNG - Artificial Intelligence with Management (BEng)

UTAINTL - Artificial Intelligence (BSc)

UTAIPHY - Artificial Intelligence and Philosophy (MA)

UTAIPSY - Artificial Intelligence and Psychology (BSc)

UTAISEN - Artificial Intelligence and Software Engineering (BEng)

UTAIWPS - Artificial Intelligence with Psychology (BSc)   

UTCMPHI - Computer Science and Philosophy (BSc)

UTBSCORD - Ordinary (discipline to be designated by College on award)

Common PGT Codes:

PTMSCAINTL1F - MSc Artificial Intelligence- 1 Year

PTMSCCOGSC1F - MSc Cognitive Science- 1 Year

PTMSCCMPSI1F - MSc Computer Science- 1 Year

PTMSCINFMT1F - MSc Informatics- 1 Year

PTMSCINFEM1F - MSc Informatics (European Master)- 2 Years

PRMSCNEUIN1F - MSc by Research Neuroinformatics- 1 Year

Common PGR Codes:

PRPHDINFMT8F - PhD in Informatics (full-time)

PRPHDINFMT5P - PhD in Informatics (part-time)

PRPHDNEUIN1F - PhD in Neuroinformatics / DTC