Wildcards and Retrieval Information

EUCLID Wildcards and Retrieval Information

The following wildcards are available to assist with EUCLID querying.  We've also noticed that at least one screen works with a percentage wildcard, although this hasn't been included in the EUCLID wildcard list.  You should note that different parts of the EUCLID system respond to different types of wildcard searches, be aware that something you use in a student screen might not work in a course or programme screen.  Similarly many of the course and programme screens are case sensitive, whilst the student screens seem to work with lower case querying.

When finished querying, always remember to select Logout [last item on left hand side menu] once you have finished.  Failure to log out often results in difficulty accessing EUCLID next time round.

Symbol Function
* Any character
? Any single character
| Or
& And
! Not
= Equal to
!= Not equal to
> Greater than
>= Greater than or equal to
< Less than
<= Less than or equal to