Best student paper award at ESWC 2017

The article Linked Data Notifications co-authored by CISA student Amy Guy was nominated for both "Best Research Paper" and "Best Student Paper" prizes at the 2017 Extended Semantic Web Conference, and was awarded the latter.

Linked Data Notifications describes a simple HTTP-based protocol for delivering messages between decentralised Web applications and personal data stores. The initial protocol design was advanced and standardized as a W3C Recommendation through the Social Web Working Group. At the time of writing, there are 22 implementations formally reported to pass the test suite, solving diverse use cases from social applications to dataset quality reporting.

The authors were commended for persisting with the development of a key building block for Linked Data applications, which is anticipated to enable interoperability between disparate projects - in the spirit of Linked Data principles - through shared RDF vocabularies. The authors were also noted for "dogfooding" their work, by publishing their article on the Web and accepting open reviews through the LDN mechanism itself.


[1] Sarven Capadisli, Amy Guy, Christoph Lange, Sören Auer, Tim Berners-Lee (2017) Linked Data Notifications: online at