Huawei funding 12-month project

"A Query Answering Framework Using Functional Inferences Over Heterogeneous Data" starts on 1st February 2018

The Principal Investigator is Alan Bundy, Co-Investigator Wenfei Fan and Kwabana Nuamah is the research fellow.

The internet provides a vast store of information of mixed quality and many different formats. We not only want to retrieve already available information from it, but to infer new information. This includes prediction, e.g., "what will be the UK's population in 2025", which can be achieved by creating a graph from census data and then extrapolating it forward in time. In his PhD work, Kwabena (Kobby) Nuamah created the RIF system, which breaks a query into sub-queries, finds the required sub-answers on the internet, curates them into a common format and then combines the sub-answers into an answer to the original query, with error bars estimated from the reliability of the sources and the inference methods. RIF will be adapted to and evaluated on various queries that are interesting to Huawei and its customers.