Three papers accepted at IJCAI

Conference held in Melbourne, Australia in August

Logic meets Probability: Towards Explainable AI Systems for Uncertain Worlds.

Belle, V.

In IJCAI, 2017.

The paper discusses the various guises for unifying logic and probability, and its implications for constructing AI systems that are able to explain their decisions. 


Solving Probability Problems in Natural Language.

Dries, A.; Kimmig, A.; Davis, J.; Belle, V.; and De Raedt, L.

In IJCAI, 2017. 

This paper considers the automated solving of probability problems specified in natural language.


Reasoning about Probabilities in Unbounded First-Order Dynamical Domains.

Belle, V.; and Lakemeyer, G.

In IJCAI, 2017. 

This work introduces a first-order language for reasoning about probabilities in dynamical domains.