Publication of a Special Issue celebrating 10 years of WORKS

FGCS has published our special issue celebrating the first 10 years of WORKS (WORKflows for Science)

The issue is now online

The Special Section on Workflows in Support of Large-Scale Science, was  Edited by Malcolm Atkinson, Sandra Gesing, Johan Montagnat, Ian Taylor and may be found on pages 216 to 437.

It contains an editorial:

Scientific Workflows: Past, present and future

Malcolm Atkinson, Sandra Gesing, Johan Montagnat, Ian Taylor

The editorial provides an overview of  10-years' achievements and offers our vision of current trends and future research.

It highlights achievements including Pegasus enabling the gravitational wave detection and the agreement on standards for provenance, which James Cheney, a CISA colleague, contributed to -- a key element when addressing the challenge of reproducibility in science.

As a result the editorial provides a broadly based summary of progress and a structured index to the current literature, with 98 references in the bibliography and 28 URLs to key sites.

The editorial is followed by 14 carefully selected papers.