Survey paper on Data-Intensive Scientific Workflows published

Chee Sun Liew, Malcolm P. Atkinson, Michelle Galea, Tan Fong Ang, Paul Martin and Jano I. van Hemert, Scientific Workflows: Moving Across Paradigms, ACM Comput. Surv. Vol 49, No. 4 pp 66:1-66:39 (December 2016)

This paper, led by a former PhD student Chee Sun Liew, now a reader in the University of Malaya, describes the current evolution in the ways in which we describe, formalise and automate data-driven research methods. It makes the case for abstraction and data streaming. It is published in the current edition of ACM Computing Surveys. The other authors were all members of the Data-Intensive research group, except Tan Fong And, who was a recent research visitor from the University of Malaya.