EPSRC IAA grant for AI for Credit Risk, including 2 RA positions

Two RA positions between The School of Informatics and The Business School

Raffaella from the Business School and Vaishak Belle are looking to hire two RAs on a project that looks to apply statistical machine learning to credit scoring. Please see a brief overview and a draft of the job description linked below. These are full time positions for 6 months, and we would be happy to explain more if you are interested. Please write to Raffaella.Calabrese@ed.ac.uk and vaishak@ed.ac.uk

Job title: Research Fellow (6 months, full-time, fixed term)

To provide support in order to:

• elaborate a dataset provided by Nationwide;

• apply a machine learning technique to stress test a credit scoring model (see papers below);

• assist in the production of publications from this dataset, targeted at top outlets;

• develop activities on stress testing with SAS and Nationwide Relevant papers: https://arxiv.org/pdf/1807.05464 https://arxiv.org/pdf/1901.05847

A draft of the job description: https://d.pr/free/f/CeBRJL