Bruce Collie wins Best Paper Award at GPCE 2020

 'Modeling Black-Box Components with Probabilistic Synthesis'

Congratulations to Bruce Collie (and Jackson Woodruff and Mike O'Boyle) who won the Best Paper Award at the Generative Programming: Concepts & Experience 2020 conference (GPCE).

The winning paper can be read here:  'Modeling Black-Box Components with Probabilistic Synthesis'.

A venue for researchers and practitioners, GPCE is an international conference for those with interests in techniques that use program generation, domain-specific languages, and component deployment to increase programmer productivity, improve software quality, and shorten the time-to-market of software products, 

In addition to exploring cutting-edge techniques of generative software, the aim of GPCE is to further encourage cross-fertilization between the software engineering and the programming languages research communities.


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