Two ICSA papers accepted at ASPLOS 2020

Architectural Support for Programming Languages and Operating Systems (ASPLOS)

ASPLOS is the premier forum for interdisciplinary systems research, intersecting computer architecture, hardware and emerging technologies, programming languages and compilers, operating systems, and networking - a conference that covers all of ICSA research topics!

Although the physical meeting had to be cancelled owing to COVID-19, the conference is currently taking place virtually - likely the first of many conferences that are going down this route this year. 

The two accepted papers are: 


Hermes: A Fast, Fault-Tolerant and Linearizable Replication Protocol

A. Katsarakis, V. Gavrielatos, M.R.S. Katebzadeh, A. Joshi, A. Dragojevich, B. Grot and V. Nagarajan


Lazy Release Persistency

M. Dananjaya, V. Gavrielatos, A. Joshi, and V. Nagarajan



Useful Links


Hermes talk

Lazy release persistency talk