'Just-In-Time' Paper accepted for publication at #VEE17

'Just-In-Time' Paper has been accepted for publication at #VEE17

Congratulations to Juan Fumero, Michel Steuwer, Lukas Stadler (Oracle Labs, AT) and Christophe Dubach. Their paper 'Just-In-Time GPU Compilation for Interpreted Languages with Partial Evaluation' has been accepted for publication at #VEE17.  


In this paper, we present a technique to transparently and automatically offload computations from interpreted dynamic languages to heterogeneous devices. Using just-in-time compilation, we automatically generate OpenCL code at runtime which is specialized to the actual observed data types using profiling information. We demonstrate our technique using R which is a popular interpreted dynamic language predominately used in big data analytic. Our experimental results show execution on a GPU yields speedups of over 150x when compared to the sequential Oracle R (FastR) implementation and performance is competitive with manually written GPU code. We also show that when taking into account start-up time, large speedups are achievable, even when the applications run for as little as a few seconds.