Eight ICSA Papers to be presented at CC/CGO/HPCA/PPoP 2021

Feb 27 - Mar 3, 2021

Congratulations to the many ICSA researchers who have contributed to eight papers which will be presented at the upcoming CC/CGO/HPCA/PPoPP 2021 and together comprise one of the leading venues in Computer Systems Research. 


CC 2021:

Integrating a functional pattern-based IR into MLIR

by Martin Lücke (University of Edinburgh), Michel Steuwer (University of Edinburgh), and Aaron Smith (University of Edinburgh and Microsoft)


CGO 2021:

Loop Parallelization using Dynamic Commutativity Analysis

by Christos Vasiladiotis, Roberto Castañeda Lozano, Murray Cole, and Björn Franke (all University of Edinburgh)


Progressive Raising in Multi-level IR

by Lorenzo Chelini (TU Eindhoven), Andi Drebes (INRIA), Oleksandr Zinenko (Google), Albert Cohen (Google), Henk Corporaal (TU Eindhoven), Tobias Grosser (University of Edinburgh), and Nicolas Vasilache (Google)


Towards a Domain-Extensible Compiler: Optimizing an Image Processing Pipeline on Mobile CPUs

by Thomas Koehler (University of Glasgow) and Michel Steuwer (University of Edinburgh)


PPoPP 2021:

Extracting Clean Performance Models from Tainted Programs

by Marcin Copik (ETH Zurich), Alexandru Calotoiu (ETH Zurich), Tobias Grosser (University of Edinburgh), Nicolas Wicki (ETH Zurich), Felix Wolf (TU Darmstadt), Torsten Hoefler (ETH Zurich)


Modernizing Parallel Code with Pattern Analysis

by Roberto Castañeda Lozano, Murray Cole, Björn Franke (all University of Edinburgh)


HPCA 2021:

ParaDox: Eliminating Voltage Margins via Heterogeneous Fault Tolerance

by Sam Ainsworth (University of Edinburgh), Lionel Zoubritzky (École Normale Supérieure), Alan Mycroft, and Timothy Jones (University of Cambridge)


Prodigy: Improving the Memory Latency of Data-Indirect Irregular Workloads Using Hardware-Software Co-Design

by Nishil Talati (University of Michigan), Kyle May (University of Michigan and University of Wisconsin, Madison), Armand Behroozi, Yichen Yang (University of Michigan), Kuba Kaszyk, Christos Vasiladiotis (University of Edinburgh), Tarunesh Verma (University of Michigan), Lu Li (University of Edinburgh), Brandon Nguyen (University of Michigan), Jiawen Sun, John Magnus Morton (University of Edinburgh), Agreen Ahmadi, Todd Austin (University of Michigan), Michael O’Boyle (University of Edinburgh), Scott Mahlke (University of Michigan/Nvidia Research), Trevor Mudge, and Ronald Drelinski (University of Michigan)


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