Djob Mvondo Thesis Prize Winner

"Resilience and sizing in virtualized environments"

Congratulations to Djob Mvondo for receiving the Association ACM SIGOPS France (ASF) and GDR Networks and Distributed Systems (RSD) Thesis Prize for his PhD thesis "Resilience and sizing in virtualized environments".

To encourage and promote research in this field, each year, RSD and ASF select thesis prize winners in networks and distributed systems, and more specifically to reward the best doctoral work on these subjects.

Djob is a postdoctoral researcher, working with Antonio Barbalace. He recently obtained his Ph.D. in computer science under the supervision of Prof. Noel De Palma (LIP, UGA/CNRS/Inria) and Prof. Alain Tchana (LIP, ENS de Lyon/CNRS/Inria/UCBL). His research interests include virtualization, cloud computing, and operating systems.

Thesis title: Resilience and sizing in virtualized environments

Abstract: Virtualization is the cornerstone of cloud computing platforms. It relies on a low-level kernel called the hypervisor(e.g. Xen) which allows executing several virtual machines (VM) on a physical machine. Our goal here is to develop several mechanisms to address problems related to this hypervisor architecture and measure the gain in performance in different domains.


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