Open Source Release of Lift Compiler cited at ACM Tech News and

Recent open source release of the Lift compiler been discussed

Congratulations to Christophe Dubach, Michel Steuwer and the Lift project team, whose recent open source release of the Lift compiler has been discussed at ACM Tech News and


Lift is a novel high-level data-parallel programming model, introducing a language based on a surprisingly small set of functional primitives which can be combined to define higher-level algorithmic patterns. A system of rewrite-rules is used to derive device-specific optimised low-level implementations of the algorithmic patterns. The rules encode both algorithmic choices and low-level optimisations in a unified system and let the compiler explore the optimisation space automatically. Preliminary results show this approach produces GPU code that matches the performance of highly tuned implementations of several computational kernels including linear algebra operations.

More information is available on Lift