Two ICSA papers recognised by IEEE MICRO 

HeteroGen (Top Pick) and Jukebox (Honorable Mention)

Every year the computer architecture community selects a set of papers published in the previous year in the top computer architecture conferences. These are "significant and insightful papers that have the potential to influence the work of computer architects for years to come." This year 12 Top Picks and 12 Honorable Mentions were selected. Two ICSA papers were among those recognized. 


Heterogen co-authored by Nicolai Oswald (ICSA PhD student), Vijay Nagarajan (ICSA faculty), Dan Sorin (former ICSA visitor), Vasilis Gavrielatos (former PhD student), Carr Reece and Theo Olausson (former Edinburgh undergrad students) was recognized as a Top Picks. The work provides a formal foundation of what it means when two of more processors (e.g., CPUs and GPUs) share memory (compound consistency models), and automatically synthesizes implementations (heterogeneoys coherence protocols) to match this meaning. 

Jukebox, co-authored by David Schall (ICSA PhD student), Artemiy Margaritov (former ICSA PhD student), Dmitrii Ustiugov (former ICSA PhD student), Andreas Sandberg (collaborator at ARM), and Boris Grot (ICSA faculty) was recognized with an Honorable Mention. The work provides a characterization of serverless functions, proposes hardware support to optimize their execution, and unveils benchmarks and simulation tools to enable computer architecture research in the serverless domain.