Informatics hosts HiPEAC Computing Systems Week

Institute for Computing Systems Architecture hosted HiPEAC Computing Systems Week themed ‘Innovation and High-Performance Computing (HPC)’ in April 2019.

It featured keynote talks from industry experts: Leigh Lapworth (Rolls Royce), Peter Bauer (ECMWF) and Brent Gorda (Arm). The technical programme explored software in a heterogeneous world, embedded multicore programming, micro-clusters for HPC at the edge, deep learning for resource-constrained systems and edge artificial intelligence (AI) inference/training, and more. The dedicated innovation event on 17 April provided inspiration from a host of successful innovators and investors.

Dedicated sessions for students took place as well. The HiPEAC Student Challenge VI: AI for humanity – featuring Neural Compute Sticks and Intel x86 gaming CPUs as prizes, courtesy of Intel Movidius, whose staff were onsite to give demos – showcased innovations from fellow students. The ‘Inspiring Futures’ session explored possible career directions, with presentations from PRACE, Silexica, Samsung, StreamHPC and more. The poster session was accompanied by a lightning talk contest.

HiPEAC (High Performance and Embedded Architecture and Compilation) is a hub for European researchers and industry representatives in computing systems; today, its network, the biggest of its kind in the world, numbers almost 2,000 specialists. It provides a platform for cross-disciplinary research collaboration, brings together representatives from research, industry and policy, and helps prepare the next generation of world-class computer scientists.

HiPEAC organizes four networking events per year: the HiPEAC conference, two Computing Systems Weeks and a summer school.

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