Six papers from University of Edinburgh to be presented at CC/CGO/HPCA/PPoP

Congratulations to the many ICSA researchers who have contributed to six papers which will be presented at the CC/CGO/HPCA/PPoPP and together comprise one of the leading venues in Computer Systems Research.

The papers which will be presented are:


Automatically Harnessing Sparse Acceleration @ CC 2020

(Philip Ginsbach University of Edinburgh, Bruce Collie University of Edinburgh, Michael O'Boyle University of Edinburgh)


Generating Fast Sparse Matrix Vector Multiplication From a High Level Generic Functional IR @ CC 2020

(Federico Pizzuti University of Edinburgh, Michel Steuwer University of Glasgow, Christophe Dubach University of Edinburgh)


Vectorization-Aware Loop Unrolling with Seed Forwarding @ CC 2020

(Rodrigo Rocha University of Edinburgh, Vasileios Porpodas Intel Corporation, Pavlos Petoumenos University of Edinburgh, Luís GóesPUC Minas, Zheng Wang University of Leeds, Murray Cole University of Edinburgh, Hugh Leather University of Edinburgh)


COLAB: A Collaborative Multi-factor Scheduler forAsymmetric Multicore Processors @ CGO 2020

 (Teng Yu University of St Andrews, Pavlos Petoumenos University of Edinburgh, Vladimir Janjic University of St Andrews, Hugh Leather University of Edinburgh, John Thomson University of St Andrews)


Domain-Specialized Cache Management for Graph Analytics @ HPCA 2020

(Priyank Faldu The University of Edinburgh,Jeff Diamond Oracle Labs, Boris Grot The University of Edinburgh)


Kite: Efficient and Available Release Consistency for the Datacenter @ PPoPP 2020

(Vasilis Gavrielatos University of Edinburgh, UK, Antonios Katsarakis University of Edinburgh, UK, Vijay Nagarajan University of Edinburgh, UK, Boris Grot University of Edinburgh, UK, Arpit Joshi Intel)