Mike O'Boyle to give a keynote talk at CGO 2019

Mike O’Boyle has been invited to give the CGO (International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization) keynote at the upcoming HPCA/CGO/PPoPP/CC conference in Feb 2019.

His talk, Rethinking Compilation in a Heterogeneous World examines new ways of tackling heterogeneity so that, rather than deny and fear the end of Moore’s law, we embrace and exploit it.

Moore’s Law has been the main driver behind the extraordinary success of computer systems. However, with the technology roadmap showing a decline in transistor scaling and hence the demise of Moore’s law, computer systems will be increasingly specialised and diverse. The consistent ISA contract is beginning to break down. As it stands, software will simply not fit. Current compiler technology, whose role is to map software to the underlying hardware is incapable of doing this. This looming crisis requires a fundamental rethink of how we design, program and use heterogeneous systems.

This year’s CGO is co-located with three other conferences: HPCA (International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture), PPoPP (Principles and Practice of Parallel Programming) and CC (International Conference on Compiler Construction). Boris Grot and his team have a paper nominated for the Best Paper Award at HPCA 2019. This will be presented in the best paper session (along with 3 other papers).

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