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Find out what has been happening recently in the SLMC group.

Congratulations (Dr.) Christopher Mower for his successful PhD Defence

Title: An Optimization-based Formalism for Shared Autonomy in Dynamic Environments

IEEE Transactions on Neural Systems and Rehabilitation Engineering Journal Article, Volume 29

Congratulations to Carlo Tiseo, Wolfgang Merkt, Keyhan Kouhkiloui Babarahmati, Wouter Wolfslag, Ioannis Havoutis, Sethu Vijayakumar and Michael Mistry

Robotics and Autonomous Systems Journal Article Volume 142, August 2021

Congratulations to Henrique Ferrolho, Wolfgang Merkt, Carlo Tiseo and Sethu Vijayakumar

Papers accepted at IROS 2021 Conference

Three SLMC papers accepted at IROS 2021

AI Research in Japan: Challenges at the RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project - Online Event

Professor Sethu Vijayakumar chairs the online event with Professor Sugiyama Masashi, Director of the RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (RIKEN-AIP)

IEEE Robotics and Automation Society TC Best Paper Award Finalist

Title: Online Hybrid Motion Planning for Dyadic Collaborative Manipulation via Bilevel Optimization

Minister for Science, Research and Innovation visits Edinburgh Centre for Robotics

Amanda Solloway MP visits The University of Edinburgh Thursday 24th June 2021

Paper accepted at IEEE-RAS 20th International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoids 2021)

Congratulations to Jiayi Wang, Sanghyun Kim, Sethu Vijayakumar and Steve Tonneau

Paper accepted at Robotics: Science and Systems (RSS 2021)

Congratulations to Chris Mower, Joao Moura and Sethu Vijayakumar

Congratulations (Dr.) Daniel Gordon for his successful PhD Defence

Title: Exoskeleton-assisted Locomotion Design, Control & Evaluation of Wearable Robotic Devices

Avatar XPrize Semi-finalists

Members of the SLMC group in collaboration with Touchlab qualify for the USA semi-finals.

Congratulations (Dr.) Theodoros Stouraitis for his successful PhD Defence

Title: A Dyadic collaborative Manipulation formalism for Optimizing Human-Robot Teaming

Congratulations (Dr.) João Moura for his successful PhD Defence

Title: Controlling and Learning Constrained Motions for Manipulation in Contact

Professor Vijayakumar secures two new Joint Industry Projects (JIP) with HONDA and Kawada

Honda and Kawada join the University of Edinburgh in the latest cutting edge research

Papers accepted at ICRA 2021 Conference

Nine SLMC papers accepted at ICRA 2021

Harmony: Enhancing Healthcare with Assistive Robotic Mobile Manipulation

New H2020 Project awarded to enable flexible and safe autonomous mobile manipulation robots for use in human-centred environments.

Scotsman Inside Science

Professor Sethu Vijayakumar explains how robotics can lend a personal touch to human healthcare

ORCA Hub Vlog: Robust Shared Autonomy and Whole Body Motion Control for Loco-Manipulation

Professor Sethu Vijayakumar in conversation with Professor David Lane - 24 September 2020

Turing Lecture: Building Dynamic Robots with Boston Dynamics

In conversation with Marc Raibert of Boston Dynamics: 22 Sep 2020 (3 pm BST)