Professor Sethu Vijayakumar invited to present lecture at Waseda University, Japan

Monday 14th November 2022

Professor Sethu Vijayakumar
Professor Sethu Vijayakumar

Future Robotics Organisation, Waseda University invited Professor Sethu Vijayakumar to present a lecture on Monday 14th November 2022 in Tokyo, Japan.  

Talk Title: Robotics and AI for Assisted Living: Shared Autonomy in Action

Abstract: The use of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to monitor, learn and diagnose help required in settings ranging from care homes, medical rehabilitation centres to smart factories and assisted co-work is at the cusp of real-world translation. Robotics is playing a crucial role in scenarios that goes beyond monitoring and analysis but exploiting physical human-robot interactions to deliver physical change and assistance. Crucial issues still exist about the role of autonomy in such solutions — how we can seamlessly move between shared control and fully autonomous operations. This talk will shed light on progress made in this space and set out a roadmap that the Alan Turing Institute and Edinburgh Centre for Robotics has been following to deliver cutting edge impact.


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