Lecture and live demo at Kawada

Final demonstration of Joint Industry Project between Kawada Robotics and University of Edinburgh on 27th Nov 2023, Tokyo


In the context of our ongoing collaboration with Kawada Robotics on the topic of ‘’Non-prehensile manipulation with admittance control on Nextage Open robot’’, Joao Moura and Prof. Sethu Vijayakumar delivered a lecture and live demo at Kawada office on the Monday 27th of November 2023, in Tokyo, Japan

The lecture was attended by several members from Kawada Robotics team as well as Kawada’s collaborators from Tecnal:a and The University of Tokyo.  

The live demo demonstrated Nextage capabilities of interacting with the environment through admittance control and of manipulating objects without grasping them using Model Predictive Control (MPC).

The lecture covered these two topics in detail regarding the technical and scientific challenges in these types of interactive and adaptive manipulation scenarios.