AI in Healthcare Workshop

Supported by the EU Project HARMONY, The Alan Turing Institute, The National Robotarium and The Edinburgh Centre for Robotics

HARMONY End User Challenges

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics is playing an increasingly critical role in effective and safe delivery of healthcare solutions across demographics.

Field Robotics Lab Tour

On 30th May 2024, we hosted a one day interactive workshop bringing together end users in care homes, hospitals and rehabilitation centres; world leading researchers from academia including European and International Consortia; startup companies and established industry players in this space; as well as researchers who look at the ethics and governance structures that inform deployment strategies to highlight and debate the latest progress in this field.

Our workshop highlighted the outcomes of the EU H2020 project HARMONY, we heard from leading practitioners at The Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic, The Cajal Institute, Spain, as well as the Advanced Care Research Centre (ACRC) and we learned about the Japanese Moonshot program for the ageing society. The workshop concluded with visits and demos at the Bayes Field Robotics Lab, as well as the National Robotarium.

We had a forum for interaction through our poster sessions and demos from companies as well as social events.

We also had the opportunity to display the Cajal Embroidery, with an introduction to the work by Dr Jane Haley MBE.

Dr Jane Haley MBE with the Cajal Embroidery

Further Information

Professor Shingo Shimoda, Nagoya University
Interactive Poster Session

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