DAWN Avatar Robot Cafe

Professor Sethu Vijayakumar visits the cafe to see the impact of our collaboration with Kawada Robotics Corporation

robot avatar cafe

In a recent visit to Tokyo, Japan, Professor Sethu Vijayakumar took the opportunity to visit the DAWN Avatar Robot Cafe to see first-hand the impact of our work in collaboration with Kawada Robotics Corporation on an obstacle-aware, safe bimanual robot system that can react to dynamic, unseen environments and accurately and robustly perform tasks with compliant real-time control.

Using robotics and artificial intelligence telepresence, the cafe provides employment to staff working remotely from home in turn increasing employment opportunities for individuals who may have disabilities normally restricting them from working in a cafe environment. 

As our collaboration grows with Kawada Robotics Corporation, we look forward to our next phase where we will be focusing more on developing admittance control interface for the Nextage Open robot in ROS to enable robust non-prehensile force interaction and manipulations under varying conditions. 



robot avatar cafe

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Joint Industry Project (JIP) between Kawada Robotics and University of Edinburgh