AIUK Fringe 2024: Lab Open Day

Friday 29th March 2024

Exoskeleton demonstration

We were delighted to participate in AIUK 2024 with our Fringe event Innovative Robotics for Tomorrow's Assisted Living.

Our mission is to develop robotic technologies that enhance the quality of life for the elderly and people with disabilities. With the projected increase in life expectancy, there's a growing need for advanced assistive solutions in healthcare. Our research aims to address this need by creating

Talos demonstration

personal robotic assistants that provide crucial support in daily activities.

For AIUK Fringe, we showcased our pioneering work with interactive sessions to introduce the public to our advanced robotic platforms, each designed for specific assistive tasks:

  • Exoskeletons: These wearable devices assist in mobility, helping users with standing and moving.
  • Talos: A sophisticated humanoid robot, Talos is being developed for potential use in care home settings, focusing on tasks like multi-contact locomotion and loco-manipulation.
    EVA demonstration
  • EVA: A dual-arm humanoid torso with an omnidirectional mobile base, EVA demonstrates the potential of safe and effective human-robot interaction.
    Dual Arm demonstration
  • Dual Arm Telepresence Platform with Haptic Interface: This platform showcases the possibilities of remote operation in various contexts, including healthcare.

We had two sessions for AIUK Fringe, providing hands-on experience with these technologies - this interaction is crucial for demystifying robotics and AI, illustrating their practical applications in everyday life.

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