SLMC welcomes a new Postdoctoral Researcher to the team

Dr Saeid Samadi joins the team in Edinburgh

Saeid Samadi
Dr Saeid Samadi

"It is a great honour for me to join the SLMC group with Professor Vijayakumar as an associate researcher. The focus of my research will mostly be on developing multi-contact scenarios with humanoids and quadrupeds. The whole-body control and planning of such scenarios enable the prospect of leveraging humanoids in the real world and for human-assist purposes in numerous places such as clinical and industrial sites. I am sincerely charmed by our keen and elegant colleagues and also the facilities of our lab.

I started my robotic journey at the University of Tehran, where I designed and fabricated a flapping-wing-bird robot and took part in the dynamic and control team of the SURENA IV humanoid project as a master's student. Later I joined the IDH team in Montpellier, France. It was an exceptional time in my life in where I had the opportunity to execute several challenging scenarios on the HRP-4 humanoid robot. The focus of my Ph.D. thesis was on the real-time whole-body balance control of humanoids.

Apart from my academic life, I have a fair social and sportive vitality. I enjoy making new friends worldwide and enjoy hanging out and spending time together. I also used to playing volleyball in clubs but these days, it is becoming more of a hobby than professional training. Other than volley, you may find me cycling, swimming, jogging, and possibly any kind of in/outdoor activities."