Edinburgh Science Festival: Meet the Robots

We opened our laboratory to visitors to discover cutting-edge robotic research, meet humanoid robots and learn the ways robots can assist humans.

12 April 2024

We once again opened our laboratory to the public to showcase our cutting-edge research platforms to inform and engage visitors about the best ways to deliver human-centric assistance and effective human-robot collaborations.

Visitors, both adults and children, had  the opportunity to learn more about the world of robotics, through an interactive tour that included demonstrations of humanoid robots, exoskeletons, a showcase of the factory of the future, and finally a chance to directly teleoperate the robots themselves.



Talos demonstration

An advanced full-sized humanoid designed to perform complex tasks in research and industrial settings.

built to lift heavy objects and perform advanced manipulation tasks, Talos can even communicate with other robots and devices via network!

TALOS Technical Features

  • Dynamic: 32 degrees of freedom
  • Powerful: 6 kg payload per arm
  • Intuitive: Torque-controlled joints
  • Adaptable: Customizable head and gripper
  • Efficient: 1.5h walking/3h stand-by battery
  • Safe: Safe interaction with environment


Exoskeleton demonstration

Worn by an individual who is elderly or disabled to assist them in standing up or moving from one area to another.

Exo-Skeleton Technical Features

  • Joints: 6 actuated degrees of freedom (hips, knees and ankles)
  • Power: 40Nm per joint; Max user’s weight: 100kg
  • Weight: 17kg with the battery
  • Dimensions: User’s height 110-210cm
  • Safe: Safe interaction with humans


EVA demonstration

Dual-arm humanoid torso with an omnidirectional mobile base that can safely navigate an environment while manipulating and interacting with a human.


EVA Technical Features

  • Dynamics : 18 degrees of freedom
  • Vision : 2 cameras in stereo pair
  • Precision : position-controlled joints
  • Payload : 1.5 Kg per arm
  • Sensing : measures interaction forces at the tips of the arms

Dual-Arm Robot with Haptic Device

Dual-Arm demonstration

Operated through a haptic dual-arm six-axis haptic interface to teleoperate from remote locations.

Offers unparalleled precision and dexterity with this cutting-edge technology while ensuring a safe work environment.


Dual-Arm Technical Features


  • Dynamic: 7 joints per arm
  • Intuitive: Torque -controlled joints
  • Safe: Safe interaction environment
  • Powerful: 3 kg per arm

Haptic device:

  • Dynamic: 6 joints per device
SLMC Team, April 2024