Bayes Centre Tour : Meet the Robots

2nd June 2023, London

Bayes Centre Tour: Meet the Robots

The Edinburgh Centre for Robotics are involved in world leading research on robots for human assistance. Visit the laboratory to discover their cutting-edge robotic research, meet humanoid robots and learn the ways robots can assist humans.



14 April 2023

Robotics is playing a crucial role in helping people live better and more comfortable lives – from assistive co-workers in the factories of the future to human in the loop support and assisted rehabilitation for the elderly and people with injury or stroke. The Statistical Machine Learning and Motor Control Lab (SLMC) at the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics will be opening their laboratories located at the School of Informatics to the public to showcase some of the cutting-edge research platforms to inform and engage the visitors about the best ways to deliver human-centric assistance and effective human robot collaborations. Some of the platforms visitors will experience include:

  • Exoskeletons – this is worn by an individual who is elderly or disabled to assist them in standing up or moving from one area to another.
  • Talos – this is an advanced full-size humanoid designed to perform complex tasks in research and industrial settings.
  • EVA – this is a dual-arm humanoid torso with an omnidirectional mobile base that can safely navigate an environment while manipulating and interacting with a human.
  • Dual Arm Telepresence Platform with Haptic Interface – Operated through a haptic dual-arm six-axis haptic interface to teleoperate from remote locations.

This will be an interactive event where individuals will be given the opportunity to interact directly with the robots and to teleoperate certain platforms. Adult tickets £2, under 18s free. 



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