Edinburgh Futures Institutes Love Machines series: Living with Robots

13 March, 18:00pm (UK) Playfair Library Hall, Old College

As part of the Edinburgh Futures Institute Love Machine series, Prof. Ram Ramamoorthy will participate in a panel discussion 'Living with Robots':

About the event

Join a conversation among experts in the technical, moral, social and economic dimensions of the oft-promised ‘robot revolution’:

Will human beings ever embrace robots as a daily part of our social and economic lives? What would it mean to live well with robots? How can we ensure that robot design and development is driven by and aligned with our fundamental human needs, such as security and social connection? Where are robots already transforming our lives in ways we may not recognize, and which of our ideas about robots remain mere science fiction fantasies? Where can tomorrow’s robots make the world a better place, and most importantly, better for whom?

About the speakers

Dr Kate Devlin (Department of Digital Humanities, King’s College London).

Adam Stokes (School of Engineering at the University of Edinburgh).

Ram Ramamoorthy (Director of the Institute of Perception, Action and Behaviour in the School of Informatics, and Executive Committee member for the Edinburgh Centre for Robotics).

Helen Hastie (Professor of Computer Science at Heriot-Watt University).

Shannon Vallor (University of Edinburgh’s School of Philosophy).

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EFI Love Machine series: Living with Robots