Informatics presentation at NeuroMONSTER 2021 conference

Jerry Zhao, Master of Informatics, NeuroMONSTER 2021: Mathematics Of Neuro-Science, Technology and Engineering - 21st and 22nd September

Jerry's presentation on ‘Self-organising deep recurrent neural networks for behaviour control’ is a project collaboration with Edinburgh Centre for Robotics student, Billy Lyons, and supervisor Dr Michael Herrmann.

In Jerry’s exploratory symposium, he explored the notion that the main function of the brain is control of behaviour is incomplete unless accompanied also by ideas about observation and evaluation of feedback from the motor actions as well as the initial generation of behaviour.

The full article, which includes further details of the presentation and more information about Jerry and his work, can be found on the School of Inofrmatics news page.


Jerry Zhao
Jerry Zhao











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