Stefano Albrecht to speak at "Meeting of Minds 2021"

September, 29th-30th

The "Meeting of Minds 2021" conference at which Stefano Albrecht will be speaking is organised by the Royal Society.  The event will take place 29th-30th September. 

As a private conference, there are no website or event details to share, but you can read an abstract of Stefano's talk below:


Title: Building Self-driving Cars: Challenges and Recent Progress

Abstract: The development of autonomous vehicles - or "self-driving cars" - is one of the grand technological challenges of our century, promising safer, greener, and more efficient travel. Yet many questions remain unsolved: How should a vehicle make sense of its surroundings? How can it predict the intentions and driving behaviours of other vehicles? What if other vehicles can see things that our vehicle can't see? How can we "guarantee" safe autonomous driving? In my role as Industry Fellow, I work with UK-based company Five AI to develop answers to such questions. I will explain why solving these questions poses some very difficult technical problems, and how we can use artificial intelligence and machine learning approaches to tackle them.


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