ATI - Special issue: Multi-agent systems research in the UK

Submit your articles to AI Communications, the European Journal of Artificial Intelligence (Submissions must be received no later than 30 April 2022)

The purpose of this special issue, to be published in AI Communications, is to showcase current multi-agent systems research led by university and industry groups which are based in the UK.  All research groups or institutes in the UK that have significant activity in multi-agent systems research are invited to submit an article describing:

  1. the technical problems in multi-agent systems tackled by the group (research agenda), including applications and industry collaboration;
  2. the main approaches developed by the group and any key results achieved; and
  3. a description of important open challenges in multi-agent systems research as viewed or prioritised by the group.

There is no fixed article structure as long as the above questions are addressed in sufficient detail.

This special issue is being organised as part of the work of The Alan Turing Institute, the UK's the national institute for data science and artificial intelligence.

For any questions regarding the special issue or eligibility, please contact the special issue editors:

Dr Stefano Albrech, AI (Robotics) Group Leader

Professor Michael Wooldridgey, Programme Co-Director for Artificial Intelligence, and Turing Fellow

More information on eligibility requirements and details on the submission and review process can be found here.

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