Robotic autonomy in our complex world Event

Robotic autonomy in our complex world Event 15 Aug 2019 at Barbican Centre, London, EC2Y 8DS

Kartic Subr will be discussing autonomous robots  at a  Cafe Scientifique event at the Barbican Centre in London.

What would it take to replace specialised robots such as automatic vacuum cleaners with autonomous, multi-purpose robots in people's homes? They need to be equipped with 'intuitive physics' that will allow them to navigate our shared spaces and to manipulate objects.

Dr Kartic Subr from the University of Edinburgh is minimising the computational power needed by robots by using AI and machine learning techniques to teach them about everyday objects. His work aims to give robots the capacity to learn approximate physical models by interacting with complex materials, so they can autonomously navigate and manipulate objects in our daily environments.

Join Dr Subr to find out whether robots can build intuition through interactive experiences.

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Robotic autonomy in our complex world