Artificial Intelligence in the Cinema collection events

AI in the Cinema collection events lead by Bob Fisher including Forbidden Planet, Dystopian AI and Philip K Dick Day.

The School's AI in the Cinema collection has been the focus of three events this spring, with Bob Fisher leading.

The first event was a showing at Birkbeck College (UoL) of a restored copy of the 1956 science fiction classic. Forbidden Planet, which introduced Robbie the Robot, one of the all-time favourite cinema robots.

The second, during the Festival of Creative Learning, the School hosted a full cinematic day on the theme of  Dystopian AI (and the robots taking over the world), with 7 movies including 'The Matrix', 'The Terminator' and 'Colossus: The Forbin Project'.

The third event is the upcoming Philip K Dick Day hosted by Queen Margaret University, where Bob will be giving a keynote talk on: "Is your robot afraid of dying (and why you should care)?''.

The School's DVD collection currently contains over 400 DVDs on the theme of Artificial Intelligence. The DVDs are available for borrowing.

List of the DVDs available

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