Dr Alex Li nominated in the EUSA Teaching Awards 2022

Outstanding Course Robotics Science and Systems

Dr Alex Li has received a nomination in the Outstanding Course Robotics Science and Systems category as part of the 2022 student-led Teaching Awards.

The Teaching Awards are an opportunity for students to express their gratitude to the staff who have taught and supported them during their time at Edinburgh, something that’s more important than ever this year.

Shortlisting of nominees will take place in late April by the student panel and the winner will be announced in an online awards ceremony on 25th May 2022.


Dr Alex Li's RSS course was one of the best I attended in my entire academic experience. The content was as interesting as it was informative. The course materials were accessible and meant to extend our knowledge beyond the course. The assignments were very hands-on and I learned how to programme a robot. Whenever we would encounter hardship in completing the coursework, Dr Li and the TAs were very patient with our questions and provided thorough explanations, in simple and accessible terms. They provided many examples and tries to approach the issues from the best understandable angle for the student. The RSS exam was literally one that I enjoyed. The exam content was just right in the amount of challenge and owns innovative thought one should come up with based on course materials to answer the questions. It was also doable within the 2-hours limit. At the end of the semester, Dr Li organised a visit for all Informatics students at the Bayes Robotics Lab. On a personal note, Dr Li inspired me to pursue a PhD in robotics and was kind to recommend me for the doctoral programmes I applied for.


Staff play a pivotal role in the student experience at Edinburgh, from lecturers and tutors, to supervisors and Personal Tutors, and professional services staff.  iF you would like to make a nomination, you can do so until 4th April 2022 by completing the nomination form here.


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