Pixconvey: Pioneering Autonomous Food Delivery Coupled with Innovative Research Platform

Edinburgh-based startup Pixconvey, with the support of the National Robotarium and Edinburgh Innovation Center, is preparing to launch its autonomous food delivery service.

Edinburgh, Scotland — Pixconvey, an emerging startup focusing on revolutionizing food delivery through autonomous technology, is on the brink of introducing an innovative service to the streets of Edinburgh. Backed by the resources of the National Robotarium and Edinburgh Innovation Center, Pixconvey is gearing up to redefine not only food delivery but also research methodologies in the field.

Guided by the leadership of CEO Ebtehal Turki Alotaibi, who also pursues a PhD at the Institute of Perception, Action and Behavior (IPAB), University of Edinburgh, under the mentorship of Dr. Michael Herrmann, Pixconvey is taking a holistic approach to progress. Alotaibi's dual role as both a student and an entrepreneur has been instrumental in shaping Pixconvey's direction, and the startup is readying itself for the imminent launch of pilot projects in the city.

Pixconvey's ingenuity extends beyond food delivery. In conjunction with its autonomous delivery service, the company envisions a forward-thinking cloud-based multi-agent platform. Tailored for researchers delving into multi-agent algorithms, this platform provides an authentic environment for testing contributions in real-world scenarios. By offering access to genuine conditions, researchers can fine-tune methodologies, make meaningful advancements, and contribute to the ever-evolving field of autonomous systems.

The collaboration between Pixconvey and esteemed academic institutions such as Edinburgh University and Heriot-Watt University exemplifies the startup's dedication to merging academic theory with practical implementation. This partnership not only nurtures emerging talent but also fosters an ecosystem where academic excellence contributes to meaningful technological progress.

The scheduled launch of Pixconvey's pilot projects marks a significant milestone in its journey. Leveraging advanced autonomous vehicles and sophisticated routing algorithms, Pixconvey's solution aims to enhance the efficiency of food delivery services while minimizing environmental impact.

"We're not just redefining food delivery; we're also providing a platform for valuable research.  Our goal is to offer researchers a tangible environment for exploring multi-agent algorithms, contributing to the advancement of autonomous technologies. This mutually beneficial relationship ensures that Pixconvey stays aligned with the evolving landscape of research."

Ebtehal Turki AlotaibiCEO, Pixconvey

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