Professor Sethu Vijayakumar speaks at OGTC's Tech20

The Oil and Gas Technology Centre (OGTC) has launched a series of weekly events called 'Tech20'

 It is hoped these social showcases, where speakers present technology focused topics, will inspire a culture of innovation in the North-East of Scotland.

Professor Sethu Vijayakumar participated as a keynote speaker on 30th March 2018 at the OGTC in Aberdeen as part of the Tech20 event series.   The talk was titled Shared Autonomy: The Future of Interactive Robotics?

In the talk, Sethu discussed compliant actuation and scalable machine learning techniques for real-time learning and adaptation, shared representations and robust multi-modal sensing. He highlighted technologies that are enabling us to reap the benefits of increased autonomy while still feeling securely in control.

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