Taku Komura and group win best paper award


Congratulations to Taku Komura who, alongside Sebastian Starke and Ian Mason, has received a best paper award at SIGGRAPH 2022.

Known for it's high standards, SIGGRAPH is a premier conference and exhibition on computer graphics and interactive techniques which will take place in Vancouver during 8-11 August.


Title: DeepPhase: Periodic Autoencoders for Learning Motion Phase Manifolds    

Abstract: We present the Periodic Autoencoder that can learn the spatial-temporal structure of body movements from unstructured motion data. The network produces a multi-dimensional phase manifold that helps enhance neural character controllers and motion matching for a variety of tasks, including diverse locomotion, style-based movements, dancing to music, or football dribbling.

Authors: Sebastian Starke, University of Edinburgh, Electronic Arts; Ian Mason, University of Edinburgh; Taku Komura, University of Hong Kong


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