Athena Swan Champion

Information on the Athena Swan Champion role.

The Athena Swan Champion is an academic leadership role that is occupied on an ongoing basis and has primary responsibility for working with the Director and Deputy Director of People & Culture to ensure Athena Swan actions and priorities are aligned with EDI and staff engagement priorities.

Key responsibilities include:

  • Co-ordinates and leads Athena Swan award submissions and ensures implementation of agreed Athena Swan actions (through People & Culture Committee action plans).
  • Chairs Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team*
  • Member of School People & Culture Committee.
  • Member of College and University Athena Swan Networks/Committees.


*Athena Swan Self-Assessment Team

Is a fixed term sub-group of People & Culture Committee, led by Athena Swan Champion, formed to support preparation of School Athena Swan award submissions (as recommended by Award Guidelines).

Membership of the Self Assessment Team will be as recommended by Award Guidelines; ideally with membership overlap between People & Culture Committee and this sub-group.

Actions and priorities identified by Athena Swan Self Assessment Team (and approved by Strategy Committee) will be incorporated into the School’s People & Culture action plan, with the People & Culture Committee having responsibility for delegating actions for implementation.