EDI Champion

Information on the EDI Champion role.


  • Being the go-to contact point for their area of responsibility* for any issues surrounding Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), dignity and respect, and well-being. Being open to playing the same role for people from other parts of the School as an independent person.
  • Being aware of appropriate support mechanisms, signposting any constituents contacting you accordingly, escalating to the Director or Deputy Director of People & Culture if necessary, and feeding back outcomes to the originator in a way that respects confidentiality.
  • Ensuring EDI is taken into consideration appropriately in staff and student recruitment, including liaising with PGR selectors where applicable.
  • Ensuring EDI is taken into account in constituency policies and practice developed and managed within their area of responsibility.
  • Reporting to the People & Culture Committee.


  • The role does not include any sort of counselling, performance management, or legal advice and does not replace Dignity & Respect Advisers (University roles) or Mental Health First Aiders (School roles).
  • The role does not include necessarily sitting on recruitment panels or taking on any of the PGR selector’s responsibilities.


  • Training will be provided on the range of support mechanisms available to signpost.
  • Specific data about any surveys taken or staff feedback received will be provided for the Champion’s area of responsibility, including staff background statistics when possible.
  • You can join the Mental Health First Aider’s support network monthly coffee.
  • If specific needs are identified, training will be organised accordingly.

* Academic staff is represented by 1 Champion per Institute. Professional Services staff is represented by 2-3 Champions working as a group to liaise with relevant Unit Managers and/or Professional Services Executive to review and discuss PSS-specific data.