Subject Area Coordinator

Information on the Subject Area Coordinator role.

Staff assigned to this position are asked to perform the following minor admin duties:

  • Responsible for taught curriculum in a subject area 
  • Manage lifecyle of courses, Degree Programme Tables and Degree Programme Specification documentation
  • Guide development and design of new courses and degrees 
  • Carry out curriculum-related projects, such as restructuring of a year, changes in project work, joint degrees etc. 
  • Liaise with other Schools on shared degrees and feed information about changes in those Schools back to Informatics 
  • Maintain School-level documentation about degree programmes 
  • Produce annual reports during the summer vacation (for inclusion in the School QA report) 
  • Support School-level Teaching Quality Assurance activities 
  • Provide curriculum guidance to other staff, e.g. Personal Tutors, and Year Organisers