Feedback Officer

Information on the Feedback Officer role.

Working closely with the Director of Teaching, the Feedback Officer is responsible for:

  • overseeing quantitative and qualitative data collection on existing feedback practices;
  • providing guidance about feedback principles and mechanisms to staff and students, disseminating best practice;
  • working with lecturers, markers, tutors, and demonstrators to develop feedback mechanisms;
  • promoting School feedback practice among the student body, and engaging with the student body to determine feedback needs.

The Feedback Officer will work closely with Year Organisers to identify best practice and problem cases, and escalate via Year Organisers using the normal routes (i.e. the post-holder is not responsible for enforcement).  Usually supported by an additional appointment (ideally someone with direct tutoring/marking feedback experience), the immediate focus is to raise the profile of feedback, increase student engagement in the feedback process, work with colleagues to suggest/support innovative feedback ideas and identify areas of poor qualitative feedback.