Convenor of Board of Examiners

The Convenor of a Board of Examiners is ultimately responsible for the smooth running of the BoE process and the accuracy of the marks returned to Registry.

 Key responsibilities

  • appointing and liaising with External Examiners as required throughout the year
  • the scrutiny and publication of relevant examination papers
  • the scheduling and professional delivery of all Examination Board meetings
  • acting as Regulations Expert for the respective Examination Board 
  • managing award-related concession requests to College/Senatus
  • dealing with subsequent student appeals via Registry or College

The BoE Convenor should also work closely with the Course/Year Organiser immediately prior to the BoE meetings to ensure that all special cases are considered and that students are appropriately represented during the meeting.  Prior to the External Examiner visit, the Convenor is expected to give some consideration to individual course and student cases that the External Examiner should consider in advance of the Board of Examiners meeting.

The School of informatics appoints staff to the following BoE Convenor positions:

  • Non-Honours [INF1, INF2 and Service Courses]
  • UG3 [all UG3 Courses and Programmes]
  • UG4 [all UG4 Courses and Programmes]
  • UG4 [all UG5 Courses and Programmes]
  • MSc [all MSc Courses and Programmes, including the DTC taught component]

Further relevant guidance is available from the ITO, at:  BoE Membership and Meetings.