Director of Institute

Information on the Director of Institute role.

Directors of Institute have responsibility to:

  • Direct and manage the development and strategy of the Institute, providing academic and strategic leadership, management and vision, as well as day-to-day coordination.
  • Create an environment which encourages excellence in research, teaching and outreach, supports the welfare of academic and research staff and research students, and ensures the effective administration of the Institute’s activities and resources.
  • Participate in the development and implementation of School strategy and planning as a member of the School’s Strategy Committee and to contribute to College and University strategy and policy in appropriate areas.

Their key responsibilities include:

  • Provide leadership to the Institute, overseeing its strategic development, maintaining an awareness of the internal and external environment. Oversee an annual plan of activities and manage budgets and resources. Develop and promote cases for investment, for example new academic and/or research areas. Ensure that the Institute is represented appropriately within the School’s committee structure and any short-life working groups.
  • As a member of the School Strategy Committee, participate in strategy development and planning and in high-level decision-making and take a collective responsibility for the promotion of the outcomes of that process. Promote the reputation of the School, including representing the School in appropriate fora and to relevant groups (both internal and external).
  • Provide line management to academic staff within the institute (delegating as appropriate), acting as first line contact for all matters relating to absences, contract variations, performance, progression and reward, grievances and complaints and other contractual matters, supported by specialist professional services staff, as appropriate. Participate in the recruitment process for academic staff (either directly or by delegation) and ensure arrangements are in place for induction and probation review.
  • Contribute to the School allocation of duties process, helping to ensure that the School can fulfil its teaching and administrative requirements and that the Institute’s teaching and administrative requirements are also met.  This involves negotiating appropriate duties with academic staff in the Institute, in consultation with DoPS and DHoS, focussing on resourcing the courses within the remit of the Institute.
  • Oversight of the Institute’s PhD programme and students.
  • Ensure that feedback is provided on research grant proposals (DoIs are generally prompted by Portfolio Manager) and responsibility for approval of research grant proposals prior to formal submission to the funder (this responsibility is generally delegated by the DoI to the Portfolio Manager).

The role of Director of Institute is a UE10 role, normally held for a period of three years by a senior academic (UE09 or UE10) alongside other research, teaching and administrative duties.  UE09 staff undertaking the Director of Institute role are paid an acting up allowance.