Senior Personal Tutor

Information on the Senior Personal Tutor role.

The Senior Personal Tutor provides regular training to the School's team of Personal Tutors and, on request, gives help and advice to Personal Tutors, especially when they have unusual or complex cases. At the start of each academic year, the Senior Personal Tutor interviews most students who have not passed all their courses in the previous year, making judgements about whether they can return to their programmes, and at what stage. To ensure the effectiveness of the Personal Tutor system, the Senior Personal Tutor helps to monitor how the system is working, and can step in when students are not getting satisfactory responses from their Personal Tutors. We also ask the Senior Personal Tutor to assist with the SCC meetings prior to the UG3 and UG4 BoE meetings, mainly to ensure fairness and consistency. The ITO is on hand to provide assistance with all of these tasks, often in tandem with the Director and Deputy Director of Teaching.