Coordinator of Internships & Exchanges

Information on the Coordinator of Internships & Exchanges role.

Please note

From 2021-22 this role will be split into Incoming and Outgoing roles. Updated role descriptions will be published in due course.

This admin duty is responsible for the advertisement of exchange opportunities to students who might be interested in spending a year abroad, primarily UG2 students looking to take part in an exchange prior to the start of their third year.  The main features of this role include;

  • Provision of guidance to PTs and students regarding exchanges and internships,
  • Acting as the School's ERASMUS contact, and main point of contact for all incoming and outgoing ERASMUS students,
  • Liaison with Edinburgh Global to align School strategy with University's Internationalisation Strategy and vice versa,
  • Reviewing existing and discontinuing exchanges where appropriate, and proposing new exchange programmes, 
  • Liaison with commercialisation and business development colleagues to ensure internship programmes are appropriately structured and managed.

The number of potential candidates is small, meaning it should be relatively easy for the Exchanges Coordinator to check that the applicants are doing a suitable course of study for their degree. The coordinator is also responsible for dealing with any issues, once the student is taking part in the exchange.