Personal Tutor (Research Students)

Information on the Personal Tutor (Research Students) role.

A Personal Tutor for Research Students is an advisor who can be consulted by any research student in Informatics who needs advice when facing difficulties in their research that cannot be resolved through normal supervisory mechanisms. Normally students will consult their first supervisor when problems arise, or perhaps their second supervisor if their first supervisor is not available. When supervision problems arise, students can also contact their Director of Institute or the Director of the Graduate School. However, students may also wish to discuss certain issues with an independent academic advisor, and this is where the Personal Tutor has a role to play.  A Personal Tutor will always be a senior member of academic staff with significant experience in PhD supervision. Students may request a consultation with a male or female Personal Tutor if they have a gender preference. Personal Tutors liaise with the Director of the Graduate School and may advise students to seek a variety of forms of non-academic counselling, as appropriate.