Director of Academic Staff Development

Information on the Director of Academic Staff Development role.

The main tasks include

  • Managing the TWO rounds of academic and research staff promotions (promotions to levels 9 and 10 in early fall, and promotions to levels 7 and 8 in early spring)
  • Managing staff sabbaticals and unpaid leaves

Managing promotions involves

  • Informing staff about upcoming promotion rounds
  • Advising staff on the preparation of preliminary promotion cases
  • Chairing the meeting at which the School Committee (made up of the Professoriate) considers promotion cases UE09 and 10, decides which cases the school will support, assigns mentors to those cases, and formulates advice to be conveyed to those candidates whose cases will not be supported
  • Writing to all candidates about the outcome of the School Committee meeting
  • Advises staff on the preparation of final promotion cases to go to College;
  • Advises the HoS on his/her cover letter for each case
  • Contacting any referees whose letters are late

Managing staff sabbaticals and leaves involves

  • Informing staff of upcoming sabbatical committee meeting (once a year)
  •  Advising staff on the preparation of sabbatical requests
  •  Chairing the Sabbatical Committee meeting (comprising the Professoriate, the head of the ITO and the head of the IGS, if not otherwise included)
  •  Advising staff on the outcome of the meeting
  •  Handling additional requests that come outside the normal round of requests