Year Organiser

Information on the Year Organiser role.

The Year Organiser is responsible for:

  • Maintaining and updating year guide,organising induction events (normally including an introductory Year Organiser lecture), providing guidance to course lecturers and students regarding all issues pertinent to the delivery of teaching for the respective year,
  • Ensuring course delivery meets quality standards regarding course documentation, teaching arrangements and assessment (including exam) preparation, feedback, student support and course team availability, tutor and marker supervision, adjustments for students with specific needs,
  • Monitoring and coordinating course timetabling, deadlines, student workload, and course difficulty (including response to performance statistics from previous years),
  • Regular attendance of Teaching Committee meetings, and providing an annual report to TC on delivery of teaching in the respective year (for inclusion in the School QA report) , completing the end of session course review process after the BoE meetings
  • Approving deadline extensions for assignments and liaising with PTs to ensure Special Circumstances are dealt with appropriately and in a timely fashion
  • Attend regular teaching executive meetings with Director of Teaching, Deputy Director and relevant administrative colleagues as well as weekly meetings with the student reps
  • Supporting the Convenor throughout the Exam Board process, including exam scrutiny, External Examiner liaison and during the Exam Board meetings.